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On rehab, glute exercises and chlorine

So once again, more valuable lessons have been swung my way through this difficult time of injury. Being in the last stages of rehab now, I feel like I know every glute exercise in the book, I’ve done enough swimming to make me constantly smell like chlorine and my mind is stronger than it’s ever been.

Although the last three dreadful months of not running have gone so slowly for me, most people have completely forgotten I ever had a fractured hip, this has been frustrating but at the same time, I’m pretty proud that I have not lost my identity as a trail runner.

The key is to stay involved. And seeing as trail running is my passion and the mountains are the only place I really want to be… This hasn’t been difficult. I’ve been attending events despite not being able to run. It’s given me a new and refreshing perspective on racing and trails. Otter was especially heart-breaking but it was still an unforgettable weekend (big thank you to Salomon, Suunto and GU for this opportunity). I felt just as much, if not more, excitement for my team mates and their successes, than I would have for my own. Thabang, Landie, Christiaan, Ryno and Jock – you guys were incredible!

I figure it’s the same as any team sport. If a rugby player gets injured, he doesn’t stop going to games. He watches, learns from it and grows through gaining new perspective on the game.

The actual physical rehab has been fascinating… I would recommend everyone tries an injury just to learn more about our bodies. Alice Rawlinson (my ridiculously awesome physio and friend) has dedicated so much of her precious time to drilling me into awkward poses and spending time in freezing cold pools with me! Again, it’s so cool how something as horrible as a fractured hip can get you into situations that create life-long friendships….

For now, it’s back to hours in the pool, the anti-gravity treadmill (super cool neoprene shorts) and my bike, but I’m all smiles and will be back – happy, light and free, in no time at all.

So wish me luck for the last little haul. And give me a shout for any tips, advice, motivation and injury prevention, I know my stuff now!

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